translated from Spanish: Violeta Isfel sells coVID-19 crisis burgers

Violeta Isfel, an actress remembered for her participation in Telenovelas of Televisa such as Atrévete to dream and A family with luck, has been affected by having no work after the pandemic of coronavirus COVID-19, and as she has family to support, she sells burgers to face the crisis. Violeta Isfel is currently based in the city of Hidalgo, and without much thought, she «get to work» to dedicate herself to selling burgers at home and taking money for her personal expenses. He’s done pretty well.

In an interview for the Formula Sunday program, Violeta shares that she is having a whole new experience in her life as she prepares burgers and sells them with her family’s support in this time of healthcare emergency. You can read: Danna Paola introduces her new pet Lu and her fans get excited

Obviously they shut us all down, and at home we started making burgers and I’m selling them where I live;   I enjoy the amazing experience.» Violeta reiterates that she loves the fact that she prepares food for others, which she may never have imagined before.
Before I only cooked for my family, but not for other people and I’m really enjoying it a lot,» says Violeta, who is originally from Mexico City.

Violeta also mentions that, once she finishes this whole pandemic situation and joins her acting job, she will not stop selling burgers on weekends.
People already found out that I sell burgers and they ask me where they can buy them, they want to go, but I tell them it’s home and it’s something I’ll keep doing.»

From 37 minutes Violet’s comments:

Violet has been acting since she was a child
Violeta began her career at a very young age, as her parents worked in children’s roles and she participated in dancing, singing and imitating various artists.

According to information on Wikipedia, Violeta studied acting at the Center for Artistic Education of Televisa and in 1997 she appeared in the telenovela María Isabel, together with Adela Noriega, its protagonist. And after this work she began to appear in Woman, real-life cases, until she managed to appear in other soap operas such as Between Love and Hate, Ruby and Pilgrim.

Violeta has always had a job as an actress and has excelled as such in Mexico. He hopes soon to return to the recordings of the second season of the series Lorenza, baby on board, which will be broadcast by Las Estrellas.Violeta presumes his son Omar
Violet became a very young mom to Omar, a teenager who makes her way as a youtuber and who loves and boasts on her social media constantly.

Mother and son share with their audience aspects of their personal lives, and recently he revealed on his YouTube channel that when he was about 12 years old he did not get along very well with his famous mom.
I didn’t have such a crazy relationship with my mom, we had communication problems and if something happened to me I wouldn’t tell her anything because I didn’t feel like that confidence to tell my mom.»

Fortunately things changed for the better between the two and today they are very happy. They solved their problems and they can’t be without each other. You can read: Kylie Jenner could face trial and go to prison

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