translated from Spanish: WWE: A wrestler tests positive for COVID-19

THE United States.- WWE has been one of the few sports companies that hasn’t stopped activities since he started the coronavirus pandemic, because with special permission from the state of Florida, it has been able to make recordings in its ‘Performance Center’, however it seems that the virus has finally reached them. Last night it was reported that a WWE talent had been positive by COVID-19 in the last test they took weeks ago, so Vince McMahon’s company already takes its health precautions to prevent further contagion, and they reported it in a statement.
A development fighter, who was last on the site at WWE’s training facility on Tuesday, June 9, tested positive for Covid-19. Since then, no other person who attended the facility has reported symptoms,» said Jeffrey Dugas, medical director associated with the Wrestling company.

Without becoming aware of the name of the security fighter on both sides, the company mentioned that both men and women will continue to undergo the different tests to prevent the virus, so weekly show’s recordings will continue to be performed normally despite the contagion.

LAST MINUTE! WWE CONFIRMS A POSITIVE IN COVID-19 BETWEEN THE TALENT A developing wrestler at the PERFORMANCE CENTER has tested positive for CORONAVIRUS and all will perform the assessment tests for caution ⚠️There are WWE results plan to continue as normal—Royal Wrestling (@RoyalWrestling_)
June 16, 2020

As a precaution and to ensure the health and safety of the company’s fighters and staff, all talents, production equipment and on-site employees at the training and production facilities will be examined immediately to detect COVID-19. Following the test results, WWE plans to continue with its normal TV production schedule,» the statement adds.

Journalist Ryan Satin, editor of Pro Wrestling Sheet, filed a report on who could be the positive wrestler, noting that it was probably a young talent who trained at ‘Performance Center’, which ruled out that some member of the three main rosters is the one affected.

BREAKING: A developmental talent in WWE who was last on site at the Performance Center on June 9 has tested positive for COVID-19. All talent, production crew and employees who were on-site will now be tested. Following the results, WWE plans to proceed/ normal schedule.— Ryan Satin (@ryansatin)
June 16, 2020

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