translated from Spanish: Car turns in Mexico 15, Mazatlan

Mazatlan.- In the early hours of this Wednesday a car was registered on the Mexico 15 federal highway, a few meters from the junction to Mazatlan airport, Sinaloa, Mexico; the car was left off the road with its injured driver. People on the other side of the road, right in an area where a gas station and self-service shop operated, noticed the accident and came close to investigating how many people were injured.

Inside the car was only the driver, who was allegedly in a drunken state and that moment was heading south of Mazatlán.Se identified with law enforcement authorities as Anscar Armando, resident of the Villa Unión syndicature. Syndicature-based Veteran Firefighter Paramedics mobilized to assist the driver. Early versions indicated that the man was pressed inside the car, so the Mazatlan station fire rescue unit Gabriel Leyva was also mobilized. The lifeguards managed to extract the motorist and transferred him to the Social Security clinic of Villa Unión. Members of the rescue unit arrived, but their intervention was not necessary. Elements of the Highways Division National Guard took over requesting a crane to tow to the boarding house the Dodge Neon car that was left useless.

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