translated from Spanish: Ephemeris Why do we commemorate Guemes and his army on June 17th?

Since 2016, every 17 june we commemorate the death of Martín de Guemes, leader of the Gaucha War, as well as his famous army «Los Infernales». What’s it all about? What is the importance of recovering new historical figures today? The lecturer and history researcher, Pupina Plomer, analyzes and answers the questions in a new chapter of «Ephemeris», the digital cycle that gathers historical data with memes and graphs. «Guemes not only gave voice to the male folk sectors, He also recognized the leadership capacity of many women, such as his sister Macacha, who was part of the militia organization,» Plomer said.In the video, Plomer emphasizes that his army were militias made up of countrymen, small and medium-sized owners, leased, mixed- with which the Salted leader was built as one of the most important warlords of the time. He goes on: «New readings on these historical processes help us understand the importance of figures such as Guemes and the Infernals in the independence and defense of our territory.» 
In this note:

Martin of Guemes
The Infernals
Pupina Plomer

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