translated from Spanish: Family lives in anguish when inhabiting house with roof and walls of rubber in Culiacan, Sinaloa

Culiacan.-Living under rubber is difficult and very frustrating when you have children, you can’t call that a home. To have as a ceiling and rubber walls is to live in fear whenever there is a black cloud in the sky because your family is at risk. Alma Leticia Robles Avilés and her six children have had a hard time and in their life story very painful moments caused by poverty have already been written.
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Alma Leticia told that one of her children was born ill and because she could not afford the medicines is protected by DIF Sinaloa.She suffers from a severe chronic-degenerative illness which cannot be adequately cared for because of not having social security, nor money for the truck to try to get the medicines.

Children no longer go to school because they can’t afford the materials their teachers ask for in class. | Luis Gerardo Magaña

Because of this she cannot work, her children were no longer able to attend school because she could not afford the materials she was asking for in addition to living away from school. Two of your primary-age children have already lost two years, which can do you a lot as you want them to study so they have better opportunities. This mother’s dream is that the authorities and the good-hearted citizens support her in order to have a piece of land and a little room of material, she no longer asks for a little room of material so that she can be protected from the inclement weather and the dangers of insecurity. In your house everything is missing, it does not have furniture, nor even with fans so they have to withstand the high temperatures. Food is scarce at your table so it requires pantry support. She doesn’t want her children taken away because she loves them only asks to be supported so she can get ahead. This family lives on a property between Bacurimí and Bella Vista in an area where there are no public services. Anyone who can support them with pantry, clothing or a utensil can call the number 6673161086.You may be interested:They propose to pay scholarships to students with cards in SinaloaVecinos de Tepuche, Culiacán, live in fear by recent balcerasJesús Estrada Ferreiro will apply for dry law for Culiacán

Original source in Spanish

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