translated from Spanish: Pablo Alborán: «I’m here to tell you that I’m gay»

Pablo Alborán (31) wrote: «I have something to tell you» under an Instagram post, in which he stated that he always fought against any expression that goes against any freedom or equality, from racism, xenophobia, machismo, transphobia, homophobia or any kind of hatred.» The purpose of his publication was very clear: «I want my cry to become a little louder, to have more courage and weight.» And after those words, he said, «I’m here to tell you that I’m gay. That nothing happens, that life stays the same. I need to be a little happier than I already was.» «A lot of people assume it, know it or just don’t care. And here in my home, in my family, I have always felt the freedom to love who I wanted, to dedicate myself to what I wanted, I have been cared for and accompanied when fulfilling each of my dreams,» he added.» In my work, among my friends, at the record company, I never felt discriminated against, hated or felt like I was disappointing someone because it was me. But unfortunately there are a lot of people who don’t live it that way. That’s why today too without fear I hope that this message will make it easier for someone. But most of all, I do this for me,» the Spanish singer continued.» I want to feel just as free as my songs. I want to be consistent, consistent and as responsible as possible with myself. I’ll continue to focus my public life on my work, my music. I will try to do my job as best I can from the insides, with absolute respect for the profession and the public. I want to thank you for the affection I have always received, for the unconditional support you give me,» he concluded.

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