translated from Spanish: The bitter reality of childhood that we hide under the carpet

Mr. Director:
Within the systematic precarization that exists in society, most of the time we invisit the violation that childhood and adolescence live every day. Child abuse is a real and painful fact that we cannot continue to hide under the carpet, let alone that of institutionalized minors who are supposed to be under the protection of the state, which in practice makes no effort to keep them in decent living conditions.
It is not possible that today we have «fugitive» minors of the system because they feel that on the street they live better, that they denounce acts of violence within SENAME homes and the authorities continue to become deaf, deciding to ignore the facts by becoming, not only accomplices, but passive actors of abuse.
Let us pause to think for a moment about how difficult it is to be a child in an adult society; how decisive childhood is, the importance of love in the education and care of every child and adolescent (NNA).
Today is the time for abuse to stop, NNAs deserve to be heard and taken into account, to be valued and to be under the care of trained people, who do not have to expect the child to be bleeding to go to the hospital.
Let’s stop being late, the NNA need us now, we can always do something to improve the reality of those who need us most.
Isabel Aliste – Student 4th Year Uc Nursing
Former President Nursing and Obstetrics Student Center 2019

Original source in Spanish

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