translated from Spanish: Coronavirus: the presence of guests in television programs will be limited

As we continue to work on coronavirus prevention measures, it was requested to limit the presence of guests in television programmes to the maximum extent. This was stated by the National Communications Service (ENACOM) in recent hours in a statement.» In the context of the emergency measures provided for through UN 311/20 and subsequent measures that established preventive and compulsory social isolation, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, ENACOM considers it appropriate to update some points regarding the observance of these in the audiovisual sector», begins by detailing.

With the «objective of minimizing the movement of people in order to reduce the risks of those who fulfil essential tasks for the proper functioning of the media and their programming», the body points out a number of recommendations to be followed, including maintaining as few staff as possible.

New ENACOM resolution calls for restricting guests on TV shows

This suggests that, in the less proximity and circulation of individuals, exposure to contagion, and hence the virus, decreases. » Today’s technological resources make it possible for many of these notes and interviews to be conducted online, avoiding displacement and turnout to communication companies. Many media outlets are implementing it with good results, however, in some programs, its drivers do not contemplate minimal estrangement or observe considerations regarding the number of people on the floor, which can put their health and that of the guests at risk,» said the national edent.

New measures in TV shows to prevent coronavirus Photo: Instagram

THE ENACOM resolution comes after four confirmed cases were identified in Telefé, which could amount to ten. Following the positive that gave the swab of the producer of The Fair Price, two new infected ones were recorded in the program, one corresponding to the cleaning area and the other corresponding to the administrative.

New measures in TV shows to prevent coronavirus Photo: Instagram

In addition to Lizy Tagliani, José María Muscari, Franco Torchia and Lizardo Ponce, some of the figures who were present in the program, had to be kept in isolation. The return of Showmatch
In this sense, the current context of the pandemic changed the functioning and modality of various cycles. Among them «Showmatch», which will soon return to the screen of El Trece hosted by Marcelo Tinelli, appealing to humor and discarding the Dancing.
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