translated from Spanish: Maria Becerra: «That ‘if you will, podes’ jacket doesn’t close me because it’s not like that»

María Becerra is 20 years old, from Quilmes and became known thanks to her videos on YouTube. His career changed course last year when he was finally encouraged to bring out his own music. Today, he recounts that experience and many more at Caja Negra, the interview cycle of Filo.News conducted by Julio Leiva.» I miss YouTube, I really do. I have that chip all the time, I’m anxious for myself and it happens to me that the head is scheing all the time and all of a sudden I don’t realize it and I’m coming up with ideas for videos. There I get the nostalgia and the desire to re-record, edit, but the theme is that there is always a ‘but’, something that happens. What happens the most is not having time for editing, because it takes many hours,» he says about the platform he was known for. He reflects: «Making videos is very underrated, they underestimate you a lot. The reality is that I didn’t suffer so much with my old people, they always supported me in everything and they are that kind of parent who, if they see you happy doing something, they think it’s that way. My dad, who is a little stricter, more of studying, going to college and working a career, cost him a little more. My mom was always more of the artistic stick, her whole life wanted to be a dancer, she loves the theatrical, the singing, the music. She instilled this in me a lot and it was the one who gave my dad the little push.»
She said, the vocation to do what she does was always in her: «I appreciate that as a very young girl I knew what I wanted to do, because now I see my younger sister who has finished school and I see her very indecisive; I feel like it’s a process you’re going through and you’re suffering from the fact that you don’t know what you want to do. Sometimes I find her very stressed about it, there’s nothing I’m passionate about. It happened to all my brothers and for that I am grateful to have been clear about what I always wanted to do and have played it.» Analyzing his situation and that of others, he says: «That ‘if you will, podes’ chamuyo doesn’t finish closing me because it’s not. There are a lot of talented people everywhere, the same people playing on a subway or on a train and they have plenty of talent and there they lack opportunities. I luckily had the opportunities and it was given everything so that today he is here, obviously adding effort, but the reality is that opportunities appeared in the right moments.» 

With 2.8 million subscribers on YouTube, Maria achieved such recognition that one day she understood that she had changed her life: «The craziest thing that happened to my family two years ago was shocking. We always go to Mar Del Tuyú or Sea of Ajó; we fell to the beach like one more family, because it’s reality, with the lounge chairs, with everything, and literally in 20 minutes there were about 300 people, all with their cell phones pointing at my mom, my dad, everyone, and screaming. At that moment I was super shocked and had a really hard time. I felt guilty for passing those moments to my family and they were vacations that couldn’t be quiet at any time. If we wanted a quiet dinner or going for a walk, I wasn’t going. It’s not something I complain about or anything like that, I appreciate it, but sometimes when you want to have privacy or moments with family in public places it gets complicated and I’d rather you don’t go through those discomforts. They’re very low-profile people and I don’t like to be recorded or uncomfortable, so there’s the middle thing for ‘atriqui’, but I got used to it.» About the type of content I would create today, he says: «I wouldn’t do the same, I’d do more blogs, record the trips, shows; I find it a tsweed content and it seems key to me that people, in addition to listening to my songs, can see Maria behind every show, on trips, in a session, writing. I’m interested in you seeing that. I always liked to record everything. I’m going to go back to YouTube and it’s going to be that kind of content, these 100% safe.» Personality

«Because I can be bad, if they tell me something I don’t like, I give you hard, but I’m also very innocent, immature, with a lot of very little things and there are things I feel like I’m not ready for. I don’t know if I’m ready to bring up a topic and get a lot of bad reviews,» he describes. He adds: «I drive my manager crazy, I’m a very changeable person, I have to admit it. I have a complicated personality if you don’t know how to wear it. I’m half euphoric, I have a lot of very spark things and it’s not so piola. Sometimes I get up in the morning very sad or not be inspired 10 days ago, and I come with that burden of guilt and send you an audio of ‘I don’t know if I can with this’. I feel like sometimes it’s a lot of burden of wanting to give the best, to raise the rod, I can’t go down. Sometimes I feel pressured to bring out good things.» I’m a perfectionist, not only in lyrics but also in shows, in the organization, vocally. I’m a perfectionist because you’re interested and always wants it to come out perfect, ten and people to be happy. And if they didn’t have it, I don’t think it should be a slump for your life or that it throws you to the floor, but it makes sense that it would affect me a lot because I left everything but again it will be and so on, to improve,» he continues.

He also reveals: «I have attention issues, so I find it very difficult to focus my attention on many unexploded things, without catching a fit of crying, feeling useless. I camouflage it well because I’m talkative, but it’s my way of compensating for not knowing what to say and losing attention all the time, this is what happens to someone with attention deficits. You lose your attention all the time about what you’re doing, you have a hard time focusing on certain things, it’s hard to explain yourself. You ask me a question and while I answer it, there’s a moment when I forgot what you asked me. I’m flying in words to make up for it. It’s hard to express yourself, if someone talks to you, you’ll hang yourself in something else and lead to a lot of misunderstandings. At school I had a hard time, but those of us who have these are usually treated to donkeys, that we do not pay attention, that we slud. My mom was called all the time about this when in fact I was trying very hard and it was a very big frustration not being able to focus. I couldn’t study, I don’t hold things, I have very short memory. That’s why my manager has a lot of things to do for me. I promise things out there and I forget. I hang up a lot and it’s pretty complicated. I should try it, but I don’t, I’m not going to the psychologist, but I have people who know me, support me and understand me and know how to take me.» Key moment in your life
«Once, when I was 12 years old and going to a singing academy of a well-known singer and we were like 200 students and there was a competition for a scholarship for one more year at that school and a well-known singing conference. And I participated, for the scholarship more than anything. And I went, I sang in front of this well-known singer, some nerves that I don’t even tell you, I didn’t get my voice. I sang nervously and when I finished I was half frustrated at the beginning, but well, I was used to failure. And they called me to tell me I’d earned the scholarship and that moment was key in my life. That singer who’s very pro, saw something in me. That was the moment I decided and said ‘it’s here’ and I trusted myself. I had something to get attention among so many people,» he confesses. Each week new episodes of Caja Negra will be published, in which different figures will submit to the questions of the journalist Julio Leiva. And you, do you encourage yourself to remember what moment you clicked into your life?

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