translated from Spanish: Parents of the child killed in Veracruz report that FGE did not want to accept missing allegation

Veracruz.- Mother of the child assured that it was they themselves who found the lifeless body in a wasteland lot; He denies that they were ministerial agents.
On Wednesday, as part of Joseph’s funeral, a 10-year-old boy who was abducted, tortured and killed, his parents reported that the authorities of the State Attorney General’s Office refused to take the complaint to have the Amber Alert issued, as they were told that to activate this search mechanism, they had to wait 72 hours after the disappearance.
Presumably, it all happened last Monday, when the little boy and his mother went to buy from a commercial chain establishment; However, Joseph had to wait outside the premises, because because of the #Covid_19 pandemic, only people carrying mouth-coverings can enter these stores, in order to maintain the «Healthy Distance».
However, there is another version, which they say the child was allegedly plagiarized when he was asking for money at the door of the business, where he came to «open the door» in order to obtain some coins.
It was at this site that Joseph was last seen, who hours later, when his mother did not know his whereabouts, began his search, not without first filed a complaint, but it did not proceed.
It was hours later, when the child was found lifeless, with signs of mistreatment, and when the authorities began operations to find the culprit, achieving the capture of a male person, who is according to being romantically related to the deceased child’s mother.
In addition, he transcended that another male subject was deprived of life, who was allegedly mistaken for Joseph’s murderer.

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