translated from Spanish: Pedro Sola makes La Bebeshita cry for telling her her truths

It seems that Daniela Alexis better known as La Bebeshita is not quite loved on Tv Azteca as everyone believes since the premiere of the new season of Enamorrnos last Monday was full of reviews last Monday by internet users, even the program Ventaneando gave its review and were very severe. And it is that they decided to talk about the Bebeshita who was branded being an unsubstantiated character in the broadcast by Pedro Sola, who did not tempt his heart to rant against the famous one who began to cry when he heard the comments of the also youtuber.
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I’m the one I can’t be with the Bebeshita that she was lost because she looked good in body yesterday, in disguise who knows that, but well it’s the least of it, said Pedro Sola.

As if it were not enough Ricardo Manjarrez, who was invited to the show also pointed out that the Bebeshita is a very superb character since he has seen her on the TELEVISION forums with a diva attitude, so he noted that he has no situation talent that uncomfortable even more, since she defended herself and said that it is not true that she feels a diva as everyone thinks , but far from being supported by the amorous who were watching the statements of the Program Ventaneando also supported them, because they let the controversial critics know that he is uneducated when he arrives at the forum and is that he does not even give them the good afternoons.

Her attitude is quite heavy I’ve seen her gets there, as she walks out on the forums, and it looks like it’s Britney Spears, the show reporter said.

While so much La Bebeshita listened to everyone’s criticisms very attentively and made it clear that she is a very real person, although she revealed that everything they said in Venteneando hurt her so she did not hold the tears at the time so she began to cry, but immediately re-referred.

«I’m in my day, I’m very sensitive (…) these days I’ve been through super ugly, super-strong things for my life, and that someone I admire and respect seriously is a super fan of Pedrito and Dani and Pati I love her and so on Ricky more or less because I didn’t know him either,» Daniela said. 

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Original source in Spanish

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