translated from Spanish: Sebastian Estevanez in front of the memes: «If you think I’m wrong, it’s perfect»

For the first time, Sebastián Estevanez responded to memes that criticize his acting. Various images under the inscription of «Face of…» among other expressions, they ironize about the actor alluding to the same expressions despite the different reactions and feelings required by a scene.

«It doesn’t hurt at all. It’s not cute either, nor do I care,» she argued in dialogue with Catalina Dlugi in Agarrate Catalina, a program that drives through The Eleven Ten.» The end result for me is the street, not the nets. When you go to a place and feel like people love you, that’s the best and the cutest thing the profession gave me,» added the recent protagonist of the daily strip «Separated», recently canceled within the framework of the pandemic.

Memes on Estevanez’s way of acting

Memes on Estevanez’s way of acting

Estevanez considered that «it is perfect» and that they «have a right» not to like the way they act. «There are actors who are better than me, which I know that in all the jobs I did I left the heart. All the novels I made with my heart in hand and respect and bank that doesn’t like it. If you think acting wrong is perfect, I give you a hug, it’s great,» he said.

Estevanez and part of the cast of «Separated» Photo: Instagram @sebastian.estevanez

«If I do something and the one next door is not as I look bad, it doesn’t work for me. We have to know how to work as a team and always try to make us all happy,» she said, while the reporter agreed that various actors praise Estevanez.Su quarantine
The actor transits social, preventive and compulsory isolation with his wife Ivana Sacanni, and their children Francesca, Benicio and Valentino.» You get a terrible bass when you watch TV. The B-side is being in the family and the connection I have with my children is very nice, it is very deep, within the good and the bad, there are a thousand things, I try to find the positive side», he stressed.

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