translated from Spanish: ANSES IFE Bonus: How to open an account to collect with CBU the second contribution of 10,000

The new ANSES provision requires that Emergency Family Income (IFE) be charged through CBU. To collect it, they must complete forms through applications that public and private banks have. In some cases it is not necessary to go to the bank branch to open a bank account, which the government took as a priority considering the increase in cases of coronavirus in recent days.

Bank Nation: through the Banco Nación APP. When you have it on your phone it will ask for the personal details of the beneficiary (name, ID, date of birth and email). Once that is done, opening a savings aja with the «Online Requests» option will be enabled. Banco Provincia: through the application DNI Account, the digital and free wallet of the bank entity that aims to include and digitize all sectors. This will allow you to have a bank account free of charge. With this application it is possible to find discounts in shops and send or receive money. If the user wishes to withdraw the money, they can withdraw it at the Network Link ATM without the need for a debit card. City Bank: has a self-management system to open a free savings bank for these cases. It can be done from the bank’s website. In «Self-management» you enter the request to open a savings bank. The procedure is done in 24 or 48 hours and from the Online Banking and obtains the CBU to inform the ANSES. In seven days the user will receive the debit card. Banco Santander: you can open an account by taking a selfie, and taking a photo of the front and back of the ID. Then you will need to complete a form and the account will be enabledBanco Itaú: on the platform I opened your Account complete the form of personal information, a selfie and the photo of the ID. These requirements enable the opening of an account in minutes.

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