translated from Spanish: Beto Pasillas, who was his after having finished with Yuya

Beto Pasillas already found love after ending his four-year relationship with Yuya, of whom he was looked closely in love on social media, but apparently the romance began to wear down so they both decided to end their story which was one of the most dreamed by their fans. But now the youtuber is more than happy with his new girlfriend whom he calls with great affection as Carito but his real name is Carol Davila, who is very excited about the 29-year-old, who was very hurt when Yuya no longer wanted to continue with him.
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Now Beto finally turned the page and gave himself a new opportunity with the young woman with whom he celebrated his birthday in a very exciting way, as he went out of his way in gifts for Beto Pasillas who thanked the gesture he had with him, as he gave him 29 gifts due to his anniversary number.

Although not much is known about Caro, many have reacted in the best way to the new romance of Beto Pasillas, even Yuya, who got a little upset with an internet user who sent him a photo with his ex’s new girlfriend, because apparently Yuya made it clear that things didn’t end quite well.

Beto Pasillas with his girlfriend/screenshot

Yuya gets upset
«What do you gain by sending me this? You have no idea how they happened or what things happened. We all deserve to be happy I am glad that he is and that he is with a nice and good girl,» Yuya replied to the person who sent beto’s picture with his girlfriend.
Meanwhile, Beto Pasillas fans are very happy that the young man has found love, as they have been looking at him very hurt for months.

It is worth mentioning that Yuya is in a relationship with the singer Siddhartha, with whom he is very happy, but many claim that the youtuber is a lot of woman for the boy so he has repeatedly been told to return to Beto Pasillas.

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Original source in Spanish

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