translated from Spanish: Coordinate flight to allow Chileans and Colombians to return to their countries

Chilean Foreign Minister Teodoro Ribera and Colombian Chancellor Claudia Blum announced the availability of a flight that will allow Chilean citizens and 180 Colombians to return to their respective countries on Monday, June 22, amid the crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a charter flight that has been made available to both chancelleries by the company CCU and its subsidiary in Colombia, Central Cervecera.» I am grateful, once again, for the willingness of the Colombian government and, especially, of Chancellor Claudia Blum, with whom I have held several conversations to manage the various flights between Chile and Colombia, so that more people can return to their homes in the midst of this pandemic,» Ribera said. I also thank the CCU and Central Brewers, who have arranged this humanitarian flight. To be sure, an example of how the private sector can collaborate, at this difficult time, so that people who have been left away from their country can be reunited with their families,» the national chancellor added. For her part, Chancellor Blum highlighted the articulated work that colombia’s embassies and consulates in the world have been advancing, as well as the entire Team of the Chancellery, so that it is possible to return Colombians who were trapped abroad by the emergency generated by COVID-19.» We welcome initiatives like these, in which the private sector shows its solidarity and support to our compatriots at this critical time. The flight arriving from Chile thanks to the support of the private sector will allow the return of connationals who are in particular a condition of need,» said the Colombian minister. He added that the national government would continue to promote the return of Colombians with the model that has been applied, which has allowed the return of more than 16,000 compatriots to date. The flight will execute the Santiago-Bogotá-Santiago route and transfer Colombians registered with the Consulate of that country in the Chilean capital.

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