translated from Spanish: Coronavirus continues to expand and WHO warns that “the world is in a dangerous new phase”

The coronavirus pandemic is accelerating and The 150,000 new cases on Thursday are the largest in a single day and nearly half of them were reported in America, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned.
“The world is in a dangerous new phase,” Said Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in a virtual briefing from WHO headquarters in Geneva.
“Almost half of these cases were reported in America, with high numbers also in South Asia and the Middle East,” said the Ethiopian expert, who warned that “the virus continues to spread rapidly, is still deadly, and many people are likely to contract it.”
“The virus continues to spread rapidly, remains deadly and most people remain susceptible,” he added.
More than 8.53 million people have been reported infected by the new coronavirus in the world and 453,834 have died, according to a Reuters count at 1326 GMT on Friday.
Tedros, whose leadership at WHO has been severely criticized by US President Donald Trump, urged people to maintain social estrangement and “extreme vigilance.”
It also asked health networks to remain focused on the search, isolation, testing and care of each and every case, “monitoring and quaseing any contact with them”.
In addition to the Americas, a large number of new cases came from South Asia and the Middle East, Tedros added.
RM, the fourth region in the world with the most cases
Chile’s particular case is also worrying. A new study from Johns Hopkins University in the United States revealed which provinces, cities or states are, with the most Covid-19 cases in the world. And Chile is listed. Specifically, the Metropolitan Region, which ranks fourth, with more than 183,553 until this Thursday.
The region that houses the country’s capital is only surpassed by New York (USA), with 385,760 accumulated contagions; Moscow ,Russia, with 210,785 sick people; Sao Paulo ,Brazil, with 191,517 cases.
MRI, on the other hand, remains the second with the most cases in all of Latin America, surpassing other states, such as New Jersey (168,107), California (164,841) and Illinois (134,830) in the U.S., England (158,078) in the United Kingdom, Lima (138,203) in Peru and Maharashtra (116,752), in India, which has about 114 million inhabitants.

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