translated from Spanish: Juan Farré releases his third album: Vertigo and the experience of a balancer

In a quest to total re-signify the sounds that accompanied him during his training and career in music, Juan Farré presents his third album «Second Photo to the World», which brings together nine songs from his authorship that he made between 2018 and 2019.

On his way to interpret the world and reflect on the objects, mobiles and human beings around him, he understands his record work as a metaphor. «This laburo I think finds me as a balancer who has been walking the rope for a while. Every time he climbs he’s scared again because he’s already fell several times but at the same time he’s already learned two things: to fall better and enjoy a round of applause when it works out for him,» Says Farré.

Juan Farré presents his third album Photo: Press Courtesy

Born in the province of Mendoza, and skilled in his quest to experience new styles and ways to create, he was encouraged to a combination of styles on this new album. «The album began to be recorded with classic rock instruments. Then I let myself be challenged by the title of the album and decided to re-record almost everything from scratch to incorporate synthesizers and rhythm machines,» he said in a statement. And so he invites various listeners and curious people to immerse theeds in his work. The album features Leo Costa in synthesizers, Lautaro Camacho in electric bass and backing vocals, Mariano López Díaz on electric guitar, Dario Larrondo on bass, keyboards and sintes, as well as being the one who performed the mixing and mastering, Romina Rojkes Tellarini in choirs and Juan Farré on vocals, electric guitar, piano and keyboard. In addition, it has the participation of Lula Beroldi (Eruca Sativa) in the theme «Minds».

It’s not the only material presented by the artist. While the country is about to reach its ninety days of social, preventive and compulsory isolation, Farré released an EP with the three singles that are already available but with guest artists such as Lucio Mantel, Ignacia, Maca Mona Mu, Luciana Mochi, Delfín and Juanito the Singer.

It is another way to accompany in times of introspection, where human beings seek to reinvent themselves and turn to art in their various manifestations to feel more accompanied.
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