translated from Spanish: Palermo Hippodrome workers report «prisoners»

Turf workers reported today that they remain «prisoners» within the site of the Palermo Hippodrome from the beginning of social isolation, preventive and mandatory, under threat of losing their source of work if they leave the place. The complainants, employees of the various studs, said that they are «prohibited» out because of the risk of coronavirus and that, if they do, they cannot re-enter the enclosure.

This now happens at the Palermo Hippodrome: Workers report that they have been locked up since quarantine began and they are not allowed out.— Alan Christian Longy (@AlanLongy)
June 18, 2020

«They’re manipulating us, there are several of us in this situation and only a few of us can go shopping and nothing else. The rest has to stay in here. We want them to guarantee us the right to leave and the next day enter work without restrictions,» they told TN. The victims are at least 200 pawns tasked with training the horses on the track of the racecourse, bathing them and feeding them.

«Palermo Hippodrome»:
Because workers at that racetrack report that they won’t be let out of there 90 days ago and that they’re threatening—Why is it trending? (@porquetendencia)
June 18, 2020

«We felt imprisoned three months ago, we are worse off than in a dictatorship. The protocol is perverse and sinister. We can get out, but when we get back, they won’t let us in and suspend us. We’re sleeping on the floor, the bathrooms are filthy, there’s no cleaning,» they added.

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