translated from Spanish: This will be the return to school in the new normal for UNAM

Mexico.- Through a statement the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) has already revealed its list of indications and health measures, such as that it will choose to establish staggered schedules among employees who cannot be guaranteed a healthy distance within its facilities, as well as the modification of shifts, in order to take care of the health of the entire university community. According to the university, the return to school will be «gradual, orderly and progressive» and will not happen until the health contingency and the authorities allow it.
In a statement, UNAM noted that the following indications apply not only to students and employees of the university, but also to anyone visiting the facility, to also attend to the measures.
Here are the indications:

Stay home if you have symptoms of respiratory or COVID-19-related illness.
To attend to and comply with all the prevention measures that are indicated to you.
Avoid all physical contact.
Maintain a healthy distance (at least 1.8 meters) with others.
Use mouth covers appropriately (over nose and mouth) and other barriers such as masks or screens, if required. The masks are not a substitute for the head cover.
Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, or wipe your hands with gel (with a minimum alcohol content of 70%).
Do not touch your face with your hands, especially your nose, mouth and eyes.
Avoid touching, as far as possible, any type of surface, railings, doors, walls, buttons, etc.
Practice respiratory label when coughing and sneezing: cover your nose and mouth when coughing with the inner angle of your arm or with a disposable handkerchief. The latter should be thrown in the containers allocated for such waste, then washed hands.
Use health safety filters, keeping a healthy distance and following the specific instructions they receive.
Avoid the presence of companions, especially minors and people at high risk against COVID-19.
Avoid, as far as possible, the use of jewelry and ties.
Do not share materials, instruments and any objects for individual use.
Avoid, whenever possible, the use of elevators. The use of these will be reserved preferably for the use of persons with disabilities or older age.

According to UNAM, entity and dependency must analyze on its own «the conditions of its workspaces», to determine its own actions, such as installing security barriers or establishing the minimum distance between each person. In the case of formalities, some may be done remotely, but if the procedure is necessary to be face-to-face, the number of employees and people carrying out formalities must be taken into account. Flexible schedules are organized to avoid staff concentrations. They will create the institution with deposits of antibacterial gel at different points and with signs of minimum distance even in bathrooms and cafes. In the case of classrooms, auditoriums, libraries or laboratories, since the size of the spaces are very variable, each entity must determine the amount of its capacity, which could be reduced by up to 50%, considering a healthy distance of up to 3 square meters per person.
The number of students in each class and classroom will also be halved and «alternate attendance» will be assigned with a mix of face-to-face and virtual classes, they explain. «The division will be sought to be done in the same alphabetical order,» they say.
UNAM also said that 15 days before the official return to the new normal will be informed of the relevant indications.

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