translated from Spanish: Ivan Pillud renewed his contract with Racing for two more seasons

Iván Pillud, who has been playing his tenth season as Racing’s right-back, renewed his link with the institution of Avellaneda for two more years and was the first of the referees to sign the new contract of those who were defeated in June, still subtract Lisandro Lopez, Darío Cvitanich and Javier García.Pillud, who is on track to stay for twelve years in the academy , a historical number for any player, signed the contract through a video call with the board of directors of the Acadé. The player received the link scanned and signed by the leaders and from home, together with their representative, sealed his commitment.
The club announced it on Twitter through new audios that can be played, the new feature that allows the app in its update. «I take the opportunity to tell you that I renewed my contract with Racing and I will continue with you two more years. It’s an honor for me to defend this T-shirt I love so much. It’s a pride. As I always say, I’m still at my place. We’ll see each other at the Cylinder soon. Stamina Racing, today and always,» said the subcapitán. In addition, as Victor Blanco, president of the Academy, said, Lisandro López would have everything agreed to continue for another year but there are still the new links of Javier García and Dario Cvitanich, from whom there is no news about it.

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