translated from Spanish: National Prosecutor and Tightening Sanctions on Quarantine Offenders: «We will avoid at all costs that this means a cost to more deprived people»

In conversation with Cooperative Radio, the national prosecutor, Jorge Abbott, referred to the criminal prosecution that will be in breach of the rules of the health authority and quarantines, after the bill that tightens those sentences was passed to law.
Abbott said that with the hardening of the audit and sanctions, a more harsh criminal response must be involving, and recounted that «we have found healthy people, circulating in curfew and quarantine, who are found on several occasions.»
Asked whether the situation could create an injustice in the criminal system, Abbott said that «we will avoid at all costs that this means a cost to more deprived people, prosecutors are instructed to see the personal situation of each of the offenders.»
The national prosecutor further assured that there will be no tolerance for companies taking advantage of the crisis «we will be relentless in that regard; give everyone their due.»
«Against those entrepreneurs who profit from the violation of such measures; or with corruption in resources (such as the case of boxes in Arica), we will be extraordinarily severe,» he said.
Abbott also referred to an inquest into the figures and statistics provided by the authority and said that «if there is evidence that there may eventually be a crime-constituting event in the change in the handling of the figures, our obligation is to open an investigation. It acts when there is information»

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