translated from Spanish: Together For Change Deputies Requested the Return of Domestic Flights

A group of Members of Together for Change presented today a draft to call on the Government to gradually open domestic flights between destinations without Community circulation of Covid-19.La initiative was presented by the radical Member of Tucumán Lidia Ascárate, who stated that the idea is to advance that opening «under strict protocols, in flight and land, complying with all current health standards». The Member further stated that the project does not seek the transport of people for purposes that are not covered by the decree of social isolation, preventive and compulsory and that the objective is to «provide dynamism to the economy gradually, as has been done with other sectors». According to Ascárate, «the gradual opening of flights should not only be associated with passenger transport but also encompasses the transport of goods, goods, and essential inputs such as medicines, sanitary supplies, medical supplies, among others». In addition, he noted that «the crisis in the aero-trade sector is widespread and from the state we have to provide solutions and guarantees of compliance with the rules of the game for the viability of operations». The project was accompanied by the deputies of Juntos por el Cambio Domingo Amaya, Alberto Asseff, Aída Ayala, Gerardo Cipolini, Camila Crescimbeni, Gonzalo Del Cerro, Ximena García, Gabriela Lena, Juan Martin, Lorena Matzen, Claudia Najul, Luis Pastori, Estela Regidor, Roxana Reyes, José Riccardo, Héctor Stefani and Federico Zamarbide.

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