translated from Spanish: Up to 100 thousand pesos per person and for three months: Government explains amounts and scope of IFE 2.0

The Minister of Finance, Ignacio Briones, stressed that Congress approved and dispatched the new design of the Emergency Family Income, the so-called IFE 2.0, which will complement the incomes of thousands of Chilean families, for the duration of the health emergency.
The Secretary of State emphasized that the new Emergency Family Income changes its design to act as a supplement or umbrella to the current income of Chilean families.
«In this way, it covers both households with informal incomes and those with formal incomes, including families with income from other benefits such as the Employment Protection Act, cessation insurance, Support for Independent Workers, and people who receive contributory and non-contributory pensions,» Mr. Brilones said.
«I have said it countless times. The state will not leave Chilean families alone in this emergency and we will be there, supporting them. Today we are coming together to support them in their income,» the head of the tax wallet added.
The authority detailed that the new mechanism approved by Parliament will be maintained for the months of June, July and August, establishing an income supplement of up to $100,000 per person, depending on the formal income a family has and its membership number.

In the case of a household that has any income less than the corresponding amount in the table, you will receive a monetary benefit until you complete that amount, but the amount may not be less than a minimum benefit of $25,000 per person.
For example, in a household of 4 people who together receive $360,000, The Emergency Family Income does not contribute $40,000 to reach $400,000, but $100,00, equivalent to $25,000 per person.

A three-person household with no formal income will receive a benefit of $300,000, with $100,000 being awarded for each household member.
Now, if in a four-person household, one of them has his contract suspended and receives $250,000 from The Cessation Insurance, he will receive a profit of $150,000 earning a total income of $400,000.
Minister Briones emphasized that «we are moving towards a public policy that is the result of a broad and cross-cutting agreement, which was able to leave behind the political trench in pursuit of a single objective: to care for all Chileans, giving a light of hope at times of high uncertainty and loss of income»
It also appreciated the importance of the agreement reached in pursuit of an emergency plan for income protection and economic recovery and sealed employment with the expanded Finance Commission and the main political parties, an agreement that provides a roadmap for navigating the effects of the Covid-19 crisis over the next 24 months.
In the same vein, with regard to the IFE, he appreciated the broad support in Congress, the speed with which the bill was processed, and noted that «in these difficult times we have realized how important it is to act together, with unity. Because we have to be frank, the scenario is uncertain because there are multiple variables that are constantly changing, but the determinations we make today can make a difference to have a better future for our families and on that path we cannot err.»
The Minister of Finance invited Chilean families to update their data in the Social Register of Households or to register for, so that this financial support can arrive as soon as possible.
Finally, Briones stressed the importance of approving the economic and employment recovery measures contained in the agreed emergency plan, noting that «today the priority is an emergency income for families, but that cannot make us forget that the permanent source of income for it is in the economic recovery and employment that depends on it».

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