translated from Spanish: elections in Mexico already have guardian

The presiding councillor of the National Electoral Institute (INE), Lorenzo Córdova, responded on social media to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, after the representative said this morning that, as a citizen, he will be «guardian» of the proper functioning of the next elections in the country, to avoid possible attempts at fraud.
«Mexico already has a guardian of elections, an autonomous body that is the guarantor of our democracy,» Córdova said, adding that the NSO «monitors and monitors that all public officials at all three levels of government, and of all parties, adhere to the Constitution and the rules of the democratic game,» now and during the next election process 2020-2021.
At his morning conference on Monday, López Obrador accused the INE of being «the most expensive election organization apparatus in the world», without this having served to guarantee free elections in Mexico.
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«There are agencies that did nothing, that created them to simulate and turn a blind eye, and the clearest example is the INE,» said the representative, who added, «We succeeded (in the 2018 elections) because it was a wave, it was impossible to make a fraud. But in the previous elections, the INE did allow it.»
That’s why the president said «they’re going to be on the lookout for voter fraud.»
«I will become a guardian so that the freedom of citizens to freely choose their authorities is respected. I know there’s inE, I’m not going to get involved in that. Nothing else, that I am obliged to report if there are attempts at fraud, like any citizen,» he added.
Questioned by journalist Azucena Uresti in his radio space, Lorenzo Córdova said he interprets the president’s statements as «a strong wake-up call» to his own officials, especially those in charge of managing public money from different social programs, «so that they do not affect next year’s elections.»
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«It would draw me a lot of attention if the call were to me, to us (the INE). Because the president knows it comes from an election (2018) (…), in which the INE guaranteed the legality and certainty of those elections,» added Córdova, who said that interpreting the president’s words differently «would think that he would be putting himself above the Constitution and it is clear to me that that is not his intention.»
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