translated from Spanish: Great Conception: University health professionals call for full quarantine ahead of Covid-19 advance

A call to the authorities formulated the Fenpruss Coordination of the Conception and Talcahuano Health Services to decree preventive quarantine in the Great Conception to control active coronavirus outbreaks.
«The epidemiological scenario, according to the reported figures, experienced an abrupt change in the last 2 weeks and urgent and concrete action is needed with the affected territories in order to control and mitigate the health and social effects of the PANdemic by COVID-19 in the Grand Conception,» they warn from the National Federation of University Professionals of Health Services.
The organization argued that «it is imperative to decree total quarantine for the Great Conception, protect its communities, and help decongest the care burden in our network of health facilities. The public health system in the Grand Conception, is about to collapse, the network establishments are not in optimal condition to withstand a high demand for care. We do not want the images of the collapse of the Metropolitan Region here in the area to be tragically repeated, so we ask to issue quarantine as soon as possible.»
In this context, Fenpruss warned that «we are still in time to prevent the progress of the virus together, take care of the health of our users and save lives» by redoubled the call to the regional government and parliamentary authorities to urgently decree the relevant health measures in the communes of Concepción, Coronel, Chiguayante, Hualpén, Hualqui, Lota, Penco, San Pedro de la Paz , Talcahuano and Tomé.

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