translated from Spanish: Trump downplays comments on possible maduro meeting

President Donald Trump seemed to change his mind Monday after noting that he would consider meeting with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, after an interview raised doubts about his support for the socialist leader’s main rival, Juan Guaidó.» I would only meet with Maduro to discuss one thing: a peaceful withdrawal from power,» Trump tweeted Monday. Such a statement came after the News website Axios posted a White House interview sunday stating that Trump made indifferent comments about recognizing Guaidó as Venezuela’s legitimate leader, the linchpin of America’s 18-month campaign to overthrow Maduro.» I think I wasn’t necessarily in favor, but as I said — some people liked it, some people didn’t. I thought it was acceptable. I don’t think it was — you know, I don’t think it was very transcendent one way or another,» Trump was quoted as saying to Axios.He also indicated that he would consider meeting Maduro despite the fact that the Venezuelan representative was recently charged by the United States with drug trafficking charges.» Maybe I’d think about it… (if) Maduro would like to meet. And I never oppose meetings — you know, I rarely oppose meetings.» I’ve always said it, you miss very little with meetings. But for now, I’ve turned them down,» Trump said, according to Axios’ article, the comments caused a stir on social media in Venezuela, and many wondered if Trump was withdrawing his support for the opposition, which has fought to call for mass protests and has been unable to break military support in Maduro despite an unprecedented economic collapse. But Trump reiterated his anti-Socialist stance on Monday.» Unlike the radical left, I ALWAYS spoke out against socialism and pro-Venezuela,» Trump said. «My government has always been on the side of FREEDOM and against Maduro’s oppressive regime.» The United States was one of the first among the top 50 to support Guaidó, who as leader of the opposition majority Congress claimed presidential powers in early 2019, on the grounds that Maduro’s re-election was invalid. Guaidó was an unexpected guest at Trump’s annual State of the Union address in February, where the U.S. president recognized Guaidó as Venezuela’s only «legitimate president» and said Maduro’s hold in power «will be broken and shattered.» However, Trump’s former national security officer, John Bolton, claims in his forthcoming book to be published that Trump had wavered about supporting Guaido. Trump sometimes wanted to take military action to overthrow Maduro, but he also said the socialist leader was too strong to be overthrown by Guaidó, according to Bolton.The Democratic candidate for president, Joe Biden, lashed out at Trump in a tweet.» Trump makes strong statements about Venezuela, but admires ruffes and dictators like Nicolas Maduro,» Biden said. «As president, I will support the Venezuelan people and democracy.»

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