translated from Spanish: With the book “Port of Ideas A to Z” begins the celebration of the 10 years of the Festival of Valparaiso

The book was edited by the Argentine journalist Leila Guerriero, was prologated by the Mexican writer Juan Villoro and carries as its cover a suggestive photograph by the artist Alfredo Jaar, who inaugurated the first festival in Valparaíso. It consists of 29 texts by authors who have participated in different festivals of Puerto de Ideas, each of which he wrote with complete freedom of format and content about a word or concept. 
The selection of authors allows you to group voices from very different worlds. There are historians, philosophers, writers, journalists, artists, filmmakers, composers, psychoanalysts, astronomers and booksellers, among them Raúl Zurita, Rafael Gumucio, Lina Meruane, Pablo Simonetti, Nona Fernández, Elicura Chihuailaf, Alejandra Costamagna, Cristián Warnken, Sonia Montecino, María Teresa Ruiz, Eugenio Dittborn. The book can be downloaded in
“The words we choose encompass concepts close to the festival spirit, such as knowledge, creativity, dialogue, encounter and future. In this way, Port of Ideas A to Z it is shaped as a window into current Chilean thought, built by a polyphony of voices that were dedicated to reflecting on concepts that we have worked over the last 10 years,” says Chantal Signorio, director of Puerto de Ideas.
Book launch conversation
On Tuesday 23 at 18:30 hours in, as part of the launch of the book, a conversation will be held with Leila Guerriero and Alfredo Jaar moderated by the artist and doctor of philosophy Pablo Chiuminatto, in which they will reflect in depth on the role of culture and the arts in times of pandemic and post-pandemic.
Alfredo Jaar at Puerto de Ideas in 2011

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