translated from Spanish: Coronavirus Sinaloa: Latest news today June 23 on Covid 19

Sinaloa.- Culiacán and Ahome begin to see a considerable drop in the line of active coronavirus patients, as a result of the combination of the good number of recoveries and the low confirmation of new cases for those municipalities. Yesterday’s report released 145 new confirmed cases of contagion, of which 28 were in each of the municipalities in mention, while for Guasave there were 42.
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However, at the same time it was disclosed that 193 patients were discharged, of which 46 correspond to Culiacan and 43 to Ahome.La capital of the state, epicenter of the pandemic since the contingency was declared with the first case in February, it fell to 194 active patients, when for a long time it was well above 200; while Ahome fell to 119.The opposite happened with Guasave, who had come down, and with 42 new cases confirmed and only 24 recovered jumped to second place in the statistic, with 142.Victims
Of the 16 reported deaths, six were from Ahome, four from Culiacán, three from Guasave; Elota, Escuinapa and Mazatlan, one. Ten men and six women, with an age range between 33 and 86 years.

Coronavirus deaths recorded yesterday in Sinaloa municipalities


1. 69-year-old woman, who died on June 11, at home (hypertensive).
2. 76-year-old man, who died on June 17, at IMSS Los Mochis. 
3. 54-year-old woman, who died on June 19, at IMSS Los Mochis (hypertension).
4. 33-year-old woman, who died on June 15, at HG Los Mochis (obesity, cancer).
5. 79-year-old man, who died on 16 June, in Issste Los Mochis (diabetic).
6. 76-year-old man, who died on 16 June, at HG Los Mochis. 


1. A 41-year-old man, who died on 12 June, at IMSS Culiacan (hypertension).
2. A 56-year-old man, who died on June 12, at IMSS Culiacan (diabetes).
3. 55-year-old woman, who died on 14 June, at IMSS Culiacan (diabetic).
4. 68-year-old man, who died on June 14, at IMSS Culiacan.


1. 65-year-old man, who died on June 12, in IMSS Guasave (diabetic, asthma and COPD).
2. 75-year-old man, who died on 16 June, at IMSS Guasave (diabetic).
3. 74-year-old woman, who died on June 18, at IMSS Guasave (diabetic).


1. 86-year-old man, who died on 14 June, in Issste Mazatlan.


1. 68-year-old man, who died on 15 June, in Issste Mazatlan (diabetic).


1. 67-year-old woman, who died on 18 June, at Sharp Mazatlan Hospital (obesity).

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