translated from Spanish: Install Government commission for federal inmates amnesty requests

The federal government today formalized the installation of the Amnesty Commission, a body through which requests for federal inmates who wish to be pardoned before serving their sentence will be received and reviewed, and thereby being able to regain their freedom.
The Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection made it known in a statement that the installation of the commission was carried out through a videoconference that was headed by the owner of that unit, Alfonso Durazo, and the Secretary of the Governorate Olga Sánchez Codero.
The installation was made possible by the presidential agreement published on 18 June in which the members of the committee were defined, as well as their functions. The issuance of the agreement, which had been promised to be expeditious, took more than 50 days since the Amnesty Act was passed due to bureaucratic and budgetary complications.
The Amnesty Commission is a central focus on this system. Applications from the inmates must be submitted to it by means of a procedure which will be made known shortly. According to the law, that commission will have a period of up to four months to review whether the inmate who wants the benefit meets the requirements, and, if applicable, present the case to a judge who will have the last word.
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At the installation session Durazo insisted that the amnesty “does not intend to release criminals” but to give a second chance to people who were dragged into a crime out of necessity or fear, and who also lacked a fair trial.
The secretary noted that among the persons who could access this benefit, as approved by law, are those of indigenous origin who did not have adequate defense, or young people who have been prosecuted for drug possession without being offered any alternative.
“We still carry the consequences of a criminal justice system with vices and deficiencies, as well as insufficient and corrupted security institutions; this led to detainees, who, rather than criminals, have been victims of severe and abused violations of their rights,” Durazo said.
The Security Secretary further insisted that this law will help reduce overcrowding in prisons and reduce the risk of contagion from the COVID-19 pandemic. 
The Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, also referred to the installation of the commission on her Twitter account and called it “a historical fact” that will allow to correct historical and structural injustices.
Political Animal reported that the benefits of the Amnesty Act can only be accessed at best, 7 out of 100 people in prison in the country. Extending its impact requires that it be copied and issued locally by each of the states.
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