translated from Spanish: #LordAcosador vs #LadyPrimeraClase; gutsier’s controversy

CDMX.- During the afternoon of June 22, a social media user identified as José Eduardo García, disbelieved Beatriz Gutiérrez M.ller, wife of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), this, during a flight to Cancun.Through a video posted on the subject’s account, he is shown as claiming to jeopardize freedom of expression, following the controversy that led to the resignation of the holder of Conapred.
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I assure you that as a Mexican in 2021 I will defend democracy, and in 2022 you will leave, sentenced. All of the above resulted in opinions divided into social networks, which were «faced» on two sides. You may be interested: Who is Eduardo García, a man who disbelieved Beatriz Gutiérrez by plane On one side the hashtag (HT) #LordAcosador, used by those who criticize Eduardo García’s attitude.
He is accused of having a direct relationship with former President Felipe Calderón, the netizens motrated as evidence a series of photographs.
On the other, it contains the HT #LadyPrimeraClase, used by those who oppose Gutierrez Muller.

They didn’t miss the opportunity to criticize their first-class trip.

She’s not First Lady but if she travels in First Class, the dying husband Austeridad every morning for all Mexicans, she prefers The Luxuries and the Good Life.. #LadyPrimeraClase — Witch Apprentice (I’m not a Journalist) (@JoseAntonioLo06)
June 23, 2020

They also noted that the Apple Watch ported by the woman is priced more than 10 thousand Mexican pesos, something that they do not agree with the austerity promoted by her husband, AMLO.

Original source in Spanish

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