translated from Spanish: Marcelo Ríos and his resignation from Davis: “I thought I was going to have Massú’s support”

Former Chilean tennis player Marcelo Ríos again referred to his controversial departure from the Chilean Davis Cup team for differences with the management of the Chilean Tennis Federation, which is presided over by Sergio Elías. , in Stockholm, for lack of resources in the agency. The left-hander even accused the manager of telling him that Cristian Garin had asked for more money. Now, Ríos recognized that he expected Massú’s support in this impasse, which did not happen.” I had a great time with the team, but the guy (Elijah) lied to my face, wrong. You can’t throw a player like that in the water. I’m not going to hang out with people who are throwing lies and more if you throw them at Garin. Instead of telling me the truth. I know the captain and president. You have no idea what you’re doing, you have no idea about tennis. I didn’t think it was right what I was doing. Maybe I’m not that important on the team, because if they wanted me to be, other people would have reacted,” he said in dialogue with the Tenis Chile site.” I talked to Nicolas, said, ‘You were wrong. You should have probably gone to the front. You were the only one. You know he’s lying.’ But Nicholas didn’t say anything, that’s his thing. I’m not going to antagemize with him. I thought I was going to have the support of him, and I didn’t. But we’re not bad either, I know what he’s like and he doesn’t like being in trouble. He’s the captain, he’s with Thiem and he doesn’t want to put conflict with something he’s not involved in,” he added. The former world number one also gave himself the time to talk about Arturo Vidal, two-time champion of America with the ‘Red’ and current FC Barcelona player.” The relationship I have with him is very good, I find him a great person. I think we have things in common. The press has treated us pretty badly and got quite into their private lives. Each other’s personal life is personal life. If the nipple is good for the coup and plays a piece of football: Are you going to keep criticizing him? They criticize him, criticize him and he goes and wins the America’s Cup and no one remembers the Ferrari anymore. Sampaoli said whatever they do in their private life doesn’t matter to him, as I give up on the court. I’m not saying it’s okay, but so critical,” he said. Finally, Rios spoke of the conflicted Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios, with whom he starred in a controversy recently. “I find him a great player. I like it, I find it entertaining to watch him play. I said he was suddenly going the other way and he was too clownish. Without any ill intent. What’s more, I’ve said hello to him a thousand times. What he did in Rome to throw chairs should be suspended. But he’s a showman and that’s what the ATP knows,” he said.

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