translated from Spanish: Pediatricians are surprised at no flu cases

Winter began yesterday, a date when the spread of respiratory viruses is concentrated in minors, but today the situation is different. The main protagonist is Covid-19 and different bronchopulmonary specialists explain that the attentions for influenza and syncytial virus have been virtually zero.» Now with Covid all these viruses have shown a total absence of their presence,» said Dr. Pablo Brockmann, bronchopulmonary of the UC Christus Health Network. The main reason for this, according to the specialist, is that children are not going to school, the crib room or kindergarten, which «has meant that infections actually decrease to almost zero.» That’s why he’s calling for classes to be taken over yet. Dr. Gustavo Ríos, director of the Department of Pediatrics at the School of Medicine of the University of Valparaiso and an expert in child intensive care, agrees with Brockmann and argues that one of the reasons is the high coverage of the flu vaccine this year.» In pediatrics, there are no patients hospitalized for viruses such as syncytial or influenza. It’s impressive,» he said. In the face of possible co-infection of a minor by Covid-19 and influenza or syncytial, Dr. Brockmann confesses that he does not know what will happen. «It scares a lot. Deep down they are speculations because in other countries they were in summer or spring. Speculation is quite dangerous. But fortunately it hasn’t happened so far,» he added.

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