translated from Spanish: Pre-trial detention of 3 police officers for alleged looting of home and abuse in Morelos

Morelos.-The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office of the State of Morelos requested an apprehension order against three policemen of the State Security Commission (CES) attached to the municipality of Tlaltizapán, who allegedly raided and ransacked a house in the community of Santa Rosa 30, and sexually assaulted a woman. In the face of the strong evidence presented by and at the request of the public prosecutor’s officer, the judge granted pre-trial detention against the police, for crimes of qualified theft, abuse of authority, crimes committed by public servants, sexual abuse and rape.
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According to the FECC/190/2019-08 investigation folder, the victim reported that the events occurred on August 5, 2019, between three and four a.m., when police officers broke the locks on the house and
they raided her without presenting a search warrant.

The three elements of the State Security Commission (CES) in Morelos were remanded in custody. | Pixabay

In one of the rooms was the victim, who was allegedly shouted at improper by the police officers, pointed at her with her firearms at all times, pulled her by the hair, put her in a bathroom and abused her. In addition, the police allegedly took a hunting shotgun with their attachments worth more than 8,500 pesos, two 50-inch screens, jewelry, watches, tools, car parts and 10,000 pesos in cash, among other things, which were uploaded to three official vehicles. Once the officers finished looting, they threatened the victim by telling her that if she reported them they would kill her, they already had her and her family located. After an arduous investigation, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office requested, obtained and executed today June 23, 2020, an arrest warrant against Luis Manuel “N”, Alejandro “N” and Julio César “N”, who were charged for the aforementioned crimes, related to the criminal case JCJ/488/2019, while the judge granted the defense a period of 144 hours to determine whether they are linked to proceedings. According to constitutional article 20, any person imputed is entitled to “To presumably innocent until his liability is declared by judgment issued by the judge of the case”. You may be interested:Report 793 dead and 1848 suspicious deaths of Covid-19 this TuesdayClima today June 23 CDMX: Rain and hail are expected tonightThese are the most powerful sisms that have shaken Mexico

Original source in Spanish

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