translated from Spanish: Rémoras Policies – Opinion of Miguel Pérez Pompa

Last week a controversy generated that did not make a presence in the militant base and the supporters of the National Regeneration Movement for a long time, this had to do with the announcement made by Acting President Alfonso Ramírez Cuellar about the possible or likely alliance of Morena-PT-PVEM to face the 2021 elections, generated controversy because , first the Acting Leader was elected to give way to internal elections that have so far been postponed by the health contingency that is being lived around the world, in secondly because since the 2018 elections the basis of Obradorism has been unhappy with some alliances that brought to power certain characters who should not even be in the shadow of the Morena.
Specifically with the theme of Morena’s possible alliance with the Labour Party and the Green Party of Mexico, there has been an intense debate on social media on the ethical-moral networks of this, on the one hand, at least nationally recognized the participation that the Labour Party has had accompanying President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in his previous elections , although its position is different in the local stages, the Social Meeting Party would not participate in it when it lost its registration, however, the accession that has been most questioned in that tenor is that of the Green Party, which is known for its accommodative role, the one that in 2000 formed together with the PAN the election that led to the presidency of Vicente Fox and that from 2003 made alliances with the PRI to go leaving them alone little by little since 2015.
Just as the term «remora» has a social meaning that has to do with something or someone who is a drag, difficulty or obstacle to which he carries it, this meaning also moves to the political work when organizations, alliances, fronts or coalitions are spoken, the feeling that the fate of the «remoras» defines the fate of the «mother» , is latent, especially when concepts of political ethics and ideological congruence are mixed in order to carry out the higher purpose of any organization, in this case the foundation of the Fourth Transformation.
The PVEM at the national level has been typecast as a political remor with all its allies, it does not have much to contribute and what it does at a high cost, even some also consider the same about the PT. Political ethics make us wonder whether the likely alliance of MORENA with PVEM and PT is a drag on the foundation of the 4T? if these types of alliances anchor the AMLO-led project.
Do the remoras really define the fate of the nurse and not the other way around? the foundation of the Fourth Transformation must undoubtedly be the purpose for which we must fight in the 2021 elections, the discussion and negotiation of this will define the possible achievement of a substantive transformation and not just an illusory attempt.
As a side note, it will be particularly much an analysis if the likely ALLIANCE of MORENA-PT-PVEM is replicated in concurrent local elections, in Michoacán some leaders have commented that they would go on their own.
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