translated from Spanish: What are the centers authorized to donate plasma from COVID-19 recoveries?

While coronavio cases in Argentina are growing, mainly in the City of Buenos Aires and the Province of Buenos Aires, one of the health measures that have given the most aid to patients with coronavirus, has to do with the donation of plasma of recovered. Having developed the antibodies after overtakeing COVID-19 allows a treatment to be applied to those who are in intensive therapy or internalized by the coronavirus, which has shown good results, although not enough to beat the virus once and for all.

For this reason, the Ministry of Health of the Nation began the campaign so that all those who have recovered, can approach the different medical centers and donate plasma for the fight. It has as its main step to communicate with the hospita to know the conditions, times and details of the visit in order to avoid exposing yourself again to the virus. Plasma donating centers:
Clinic Hospital
Tel: (011) 15 3 614 2839
Hours: Lu/Fri from 9 to 13 hs
Address: Avda. Córdoba 2351; Caba

Hospital El Cruce
Tel: (011) 4210 9000
Internal: 1772 / 1765 / 1766
Address: Avenida Calchaquí 5401; Florencio Varela

Hospital Posadas
Tel: (011) 4469 9200
(011) 44 69 9300
Internal: 3004
Address: Av. Illia and Marconi; The dovecote

Carlos G. Durand Acute General Hospital
Tel: (011) 4883 8426
(011) 4952-5555
Internal: 126 / 127
Address: Ambrosetti 743

Sarmiento Hematological Foundation
Tel: (011) 46669898
Cell phone: 1163833929
Sarmiento Hematologic Foundation: Avenida Córdoba 6429; Caba
San Isidro Central Hospital. Hemotherapy: Santa Fe 431; Acassuso

Hemocentro Buenos Aires Foundation
Tel: (011) 4981-5020
Address: Av. Díaz Vélez 3973; Caba

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