translated from Spanish: 10% withdrawal discussion of AFPs: “I am afraid of disconnection with the reality of an elite sector”

The President of National Renewal (RN), Mario Desbordes, referred to the controversy generated by the approach of withdrawing 10% of the AFPs fund, so that families can cope with the pandemic. “When they rip clothes yesterday because I raise outsource the issue of 10% (of pension funds), and at the same time tell me that workers cannot touch their own savings, and in this other case, we are telling them to use their savings (to mothers and fathers), because there is no more tax money, the truth is that I cannot understand why in one case if and in another not” He supported Radio DNA. And in this vein, he said that “I am afraid of the disconnection with the reality of a sector of the elite that fails to see what is happening with important sectors of the middle class that will not be reached by the IFE.” “there is a disconnect from an elite sector with what happens on the street, with a reality,” he said, clarifying that “I’m not asking to change or get his hands on the deal, or strain the agreement, and the only way I find it on the table, which I don’t like, because I hope we didn’t touch pension funds, but the only realistic way there is today to face hunger for today is that , I can’t find another one.”

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