translated from Spanish: Ministry of Education launched tutor network with pedagogy students

The Ministry of Education launched on Wednesday the network «Tutors for Chile» with pedagogy students so that they can carry out their professional practices and, at the same time, support the establishments and their teaching teams in distance learning. In this way, taking into account the current context, it is possible that more than 70 thousand students can carry out their practice virtually and continue their training. Those who enroll in this network will have the task of supporting the learning of small groups of students, through a variety of intervention strategies according to the planning of the different schools and lycées in the country.» Teachers across Chile are making a tremendous effort to take this school year forward and we know that pedagogy students need to continue their training and have the tools to carry out personalized tutoring, which are one of the pedagogical interventions with the greatest impact on the achievement of the learning of thousands of children and young people. Therefore, from Mineduc we launched this network of tutors so that, thanks to a joint work of schoolchildren, teachers and future teachers, they enhance their skills», said the Minister of Education, Raúl Figueroa.These tutorings can be performed virtually what will be agreed between the pedagogy faculties and the schools benefited, and must include the presence of a supervisor to monitor this work, and give a final evaluation of the program. Each of these tutorials may replace in whole or in part some of the professional practices considered in the curricula of their respective faculties.» We with the dean of the Faculty of Education of the University of Concepción, Artcar Nail, we were analyzing and proposing local solutions to be able to meet the need to give continuity to the professional practices of the pedagogy students and with this initiative of Mineduc by the way that solves the problem for this group that needed to continue and in some cases enable its degree process, therefore it is good news for them and for the school system,» noted the Biobío Education Seremi, Fernando Peña.One of the more than 70 thousand pedagogy students who can be part of «Tutors for Chile» is Florence Ureta, who says that stabilization will allow you to «enhance our practices and , above all, to go in support of the tremendous work that all teachers are doing throughout Chile, in order to carry out the school year». While this work will be done in a joint manner, another group of the great beneficiaries of this partnership will be educational establishments, like the José Toribio Medina College of the commune of Ñuñoa.Su principal, Rodrigo Carvajal, argued that it will be «a huge opportunity, because pedagogy students will be able to become protagonists of a particular moment that we are living as a society, being directly supporting the distance training processes that many professors are carrying out and strengthen the bonds of friendship between schools and universities». Schools and lycées that have an agreement with the country’s pedagogy faculties will receive pedagogy students from different years of their career and from various study disciplines, who will play a role as tutors of schoolchildren who have a greater lag in areas such as reading, mathematics, science and history. Lessons to be given by future teachers will be for a period of 3 to 4 months and will focus on the levels most critical to the educational trajectory. Each of the weekly tutoring will be at least one hour for each school, and a tutor will be able to support two or three students on a weekly basis. All pedagogy schools in the country will be able to participate and each higher education institution must select its students/guardians.

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