translated from Spanish: Strong explosion in Tehran city, Iran (Video)

Iran’s Ministry of Defense has reported the explosion of an industrial gas tank in an area east of Tehran ,capital).

This Thursday night a large explosion has been heard east of Tehran, shown videos from local sources that have captured a bright light that illuminates the night sky.

🛑 Latest Hours: Explosion near a military area at a nuclear ballistic plant east of Tehran, Iran.
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In this regard, Iran’s Defense Ministry spokesman Amir Abdi has stated that «the explosion of a gas tank around 12pm, local time, was controlled by firefighters, and thank God, there were no casualties.»

Multiple explosions are occurring across Iran, in the capital Teheran and the city of Shiraz. This is very rare, no one is still encouraged to report anything, but the videos are coming all over the place..
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«Our colleagues have moved to the site and are investigating the matter in more detail, we will provide information as soon as we receive it,» he added.
According to local reports, the images that have been published in cyberspace since Thursday night are related to the explosion of an industrial gas tank and have no connection to military installations.

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