translated from Spanish: Carabineros filed a complaint over torture charges at Baquedano station

Carabineros filed a complaint against those responsible for the crime of slanderous denunciation, following complaints against the institution for the existence of a torture center at the police station located at the Baquedano Metro station, in the context of the social outburst.
In particular, complainants are seeking a sentence of 5 years’ lower prison to its maximum level and a fine of 20 UTM. They also request to investigate whether there are the places cited and to be cited to those mentioned in the legal action to determine the responsibilities in the case.
According to The Third, sources of the institution noted that the legal remedy was filed on 23 June under article 211 of the Criminal Code against those responsible «as the author, accomplice or cover-up of the false complaint that linked them as participants in the alleged commission of the crime of torture that would have been committed within that police station».
The uniformed police stated that «this irresponsible action caused serious harm to the institutional staff falsely accused, as well as to the image of Carabineros, as this case was considered, one of the emblematic and that it was incorporated into the various reports of human rights organizations to impute affectations to those rights».
«On the 22nd of October last, after 5:50 a.m., he began the dissemination of messages on social media noting that a young man named Nicolás Ignacio L’er Santis, who during the day would have participated in the demonstrations in the sector of Plaza Baquedano, while being cared for in the Central Posta by minor injuries, stated that that afternoon had been forcibly entered by a descent inside the Badano Metroque station , where he had been beaten by Carabineros officials, and who, while inside the units of the Police Unit, had seen other people arrested, tied from his hands to ducts that are attached to the roof of the place where he had been and who would have been shot at point-blank range,» says the complaint to which La Tercera had access.
Despite the allegations, a report from the Investigation Police (POI) that visited the facility that day was unable to confirm the facts. «The veracity of the reported facts was not established.» They also point out «no criminal evidence was found to prove the effectiveness of the reported crime.»
The complaint also argues that «as members and staff of the 60th Metro Police Station, we were stigmatized as ‘torturers and violators of the human rights’ of our compatriots.»
«This mendaz denunciation of Nicolas Luer and those who took over it also discredited the State of Chile,» they added.

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