translated from Spanish: Implements SEE actions to prevent Covid-19 contagion in new school year

Morelia, Michoacán.- Faced with the need to adapt coexistence actions in the classroom to avoid contagion of Covid-19, the Ministry of State Education (SEE), develops a Strategic Plan of Insertion to the New Cohabitation in Education.
The owner of the educational sector, Héctor Ayala Morales explained that it is a question of responding to the demands imposed by the new reality, generating new ways to live in the classroom and take advantage of the use of technology, privileging the health of students, teachers and administrative.
Therefore, the ESA will establish a series of actions that allow the gradual restoration of face-to-face classes, the improvement of digital processes and the guarantee of access to educational services.
This is derived from the recommendations obtained from the diagnostic studies that were designed to assess the impact and relevance of the strategies implemented to address coVID-19 contingency in the education sector.

Thus, the results of this analysis in Michoacán showed in general, that both teachers, students and mothers and parents, required training in the use of technological tools and virtual spaces, the modification or adequacy of curricula and programs, a better technological infrastructure, as well as more printed and digital materials to support online learning and an extension and improvement in the quality of connectivity.
To do this, educational authorities work on processes that ensure and respond to the learning and training needs of students and teachers in their different contexts.
Faced with this contingency, he said, the EES recognizes the effort and support of the educational community as a whole: students, teachers, mothers and fathers, workers, managers and society at large, who have shown an invaluable commitment that today allows education to remain the fundamental pillar for the social transformation of the country.

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