translated from Spanish: Izkia Siches, the most future figure, and Minister Paris on «full honeymoon»: the other data from the Data Infuye survey

The evaluation of political personalities in the June Data Influence survey yielded several important data, such as the «honeymoon» of Health Minister Enrique Paris, and the positioning of the president of the Medical College, Izkia Siches.
Among respondents who give 6 and 7 notes to the authorities, Paris has 15%, while his predecessor in office Jaime Mañalich held 9%.
According to analyst Axel Callís, director of Tú Influencs, «the new Health Minister Enrique Paris has his own political capital, superior to the government and the President, is on a honeymoon.»
In trends, among the figures that could play a leading role in the country’s political future, the new minister also appears as second with 14% after Izkia Siches who leads the list by far with 41%.

In the case of the leader of the Medical College, Callis comments that the doctor «appears with a position according to what the citizens expect from a leader. There is no individual calculation or agenda of its own, there is a sense of country, and it is noted that it is not interested in taking personal advantage of this situation, it is neither seen in morning nor farandulizing, that is to say it is a super-atlenting leadership to what citizens perceive to do today, it is very transparent, just one of the government’s deficits.»
Izkia Siches also looms in the list of presidential figures, occupying the third place in spontaneous mentions, with 8%. This payroll is headed by the mayor of the Counts UDI Joaquín Lavín with 12%, and the building of Recoleta, Daniel Jadue (PC), with 9%.

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