translated from Spanish: Axel Kicillof: “If we hadn’t taken the steps, it would be a tragedy”

In a speech aimed mainly at the area of the City of Buenos Aires, Province of Buenos Aires and Chaco, it was reported that from July 1 they will retreat on some steps. The main of all ads has to do with a new isolation until July 17, starting with the flood of cases. Following the announcements of Alberto Fernández, where he confirmed that public transport is limited for essential workers, new permits will be given, there will be a new delivery of the IFE in the aforementioned areas and zero-rate credits will continue. After his words, Axel Kicillof spoke about essential care.

“Today in Argentina there are 50,000 contagions, if we had had the same measures that Brazil or Chile would have between 600,000 and 250,000 contagions. He served a lot. In PBA the public system had more than 800 beds, we added about 1,000 beds. If we hadn’t taken the steps, it would be a tragedy,” he said. On the other hand, the governor of the province of Buenos Aires showed that, despite the setback, there are good results to highlight. “In 70 municipalities we are in Phase 5, with virtually everything authorized and with a health barrier so that the virus does not reach. But in Greater Buenos Aires, the disease is in a state of circulation and exponential diffusion.” We’re going to take these days that, at least circulating, the coronavirus doesn’t infect us. The result probably won’t be seen in the first few days, so the effects will be observed in 10 or 15 days, not before. The only way that exists is this, if there was another one we would apply it,” he said of the extent of the measure.

On the other hand, Kicillof continued with details of Alberto Fernández’s move, in which he made it clear that there will be 24 activities that will continue. On this subject, he stressed that industries will continue to operate with their own transport for approved employees and health protocols.” Today there is no way to avoid the economic crisis, it is all over the planet. What we can do is avoid contagion and avoid death,” he stressed and took the opportunity to criticize a tweet by journalist Silvia Mercado. “I heard out there that someone wanted to see if we had more dead to see if the measurements were correct. It’s not a defeat, it’s a success.” Finally, he closed: “This year, the province of Buenos Aires turns 200. But this year will be remembered with sadness, but it will also be remembered that all of us together decide to take care of the health of all the bonaerenses.”

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