translated from Spanish: National coronavirus test positivity has had its lowest record for a month

After several days with indicators that showed signs of how the pandemic was being complex in the country, this week the minister of health, Enrique Paris, assured that there was a “slight improvement”. And one of the data that reaffirms these sayings is positivity, which yesterday recorded the lowest in the last 16 days (23.54%) and which is also the fourth smallest this month. This week, this parameter marked its lowest level since mass quarantines began in the Metropolitan Region in mid-May, at 27.2%. In the previous weeks, the indicator was at 33% and 29%.” There seems to be a hint of slight change, but we have to be cautious,” former Health Superspertenant Manuel Inostroza told El Mercurio. He explained that the change “could be because we have increased traceability, although the minister has said that this is pending in the MRI, the second thing is the decrease in mobility” Despite the decline at the national level, positivity is high in several regions of the country. Five zones with the highest records were detected this week. The O’Higgins Region has the most worrying scenario, where more than half of the tests carried out (55%) they were positive. Followed are Antofagasta (41.69%), Valparaiso (33.2%), MRI (32.81%), Tarapacá (22.69%) and Arica (22.51%).

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