translated from Spanish: Coca-Cola withdraws ads in networks for 30 days worldwide

Coca-Cola posted that since Friday it is suspending all advertising on social media «for at least 30 days» from July.
The ad corresponds to the latest consumer company that leaves Facebook a boycott of its handling of hate speech and misinformation.

«We will take this time to re-evaluate our advertising standards and policies to determine if internal reviews are needed and what more can we expect from our social media partners to rid platforms of hate, violence and inappropriate content,» the company said in a statement.
«We will let them know that we expect greater responsibility, action and transparency from them.»

Facebook and Twitter shares fell more than 7% in Half-Day trading on Friday after Unilever said it would withdraw its advertising from social media companies for the rest of the year.
Some advertising and marketing experts are surprised about the news, and fear that if Coca-Cola is making such decisions it is because a big change in the ad world is about to change and the company is looking for a strategy to adapt to these changes.

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