translated from Spanish: The quest for promotion to FMS Argentina began

Like any massive event, freestyle competitions were suspended by the pandemic. That’s why people feared promotion to FMS Argentina, the professional battle league. But the imagination of the organizers exceeded expectations and suddenly appeared Street Dogs, competition of Rank 4, with an official date via online.

WE ADD POINTS FOR #FMS . We are happy to break the news that after so much effort, we are one of the competencies associated with @freestyle_rap_federation, and therefore we will give points for the promotion to @fmsarg. Our competition was assigned as Rank 4, and the winner will get 4,000 points. How will the winner be decided? Easy, we will make a tournament where date to date there will be a winner and add points for the table. MCs arriving at the semi-finals will be ranked directly to the next date, while those who do not will have to contest the spot again. In case the pandemic calms down and we can do it in a square, we will not take care of the passage or stay, if someone from another faraway place classifies to the date ⚠️ . How are we going to do it? It will be on the @free2play,discord server as we usually do. There will be qualifiers on the day, and registrations will be open for 48 hours prior to the day of the event and 280 registration places for ALL COUNTRY. . The sum of points date to date will be the classic: 8th: 1 point. 4th: 2 points. Semi-final: 3 points. End: 4 points. Winner: 5 points. . Thank you all so much for always being there.
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The first date was won by Zaina, the young Argentine promise who stayed on the doors of the league earlier this year (she lost the Play-Off to Sub) and will not let 2020 pass him by. The final was against Naista, a Cordoba MC who, thanks to internet facilities, was able to compete in an event based, at least in normal life, in Berazategui.
Now yes: the promotion to the Freestyle Master Series Argentina began and, without a doubt, Zaina will be one of the biggest candidates. For you, which MCs will integrate FMS Argentina 2021?

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