translated from Spanish: Case against Marro’s mother was FGR’s business, Sinhue replies to AMLO

The governor of Guanajuato, Diego Sinhue, accused that the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic had to attract the case of the 31 suspected members of the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel, but by failing to do so led them to achieve their freedom. 
Sinhue noted that in the absence of the FGR, the State Prosecutor’s Office “acted in an intervening manner”.
These statements come after President Andrés Manuel López Obrador questioned the release of María “N”, mother of José Antonio Yépez Ortiz, leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel.
At his morning conference, the president said they will thoroughly investigate the reasons for the release and noted that such decisions by judges are made for two reasons: inefficiencies and corruption.
“There is always talk that a criminal is released because the investigation was not well integrated and it is a way of concealing an agreement, a compromise, to put it plainly,” he said.
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According to López Obrador there are some judges who always seek some flaw in the time of detention or in the evidence presented to release the alleged criminals.
“In this case, a thorough investigation will be done to review why this person was released,” he added.
The president lamented that Guanajuato is the state with the most homicides and called as “very rare” what is happening in that entity, since they have been with the same prosecutor for 12 years.
“There has to be a renewal in Guanajuato, I say it with all due respect, it’s atypical what’s happening, we’re talking about more than 10% of homicides in the country, there are times that it becomes 20%,” he said.
Finally, López Obrador announced that he will ask the security secretary to report the case to hear the allegations against Marro’s mother.
Guanajuato calls for respect
In the face of the president’s statements, Governor Diego Sinhue called for respect for the autonomy of the powers since the state’s attorney was ratified by the local legislature.
On his Twitter account, Sinhue accused that this is not the first time the security issue in Guanajuato has been politicized during the president’s morning conference.
Sinhue added that they will continue to work in coordination with Sedena, Semar and the National Guard, despite the omissions presented in this case, which allowed the release of the 31 detainees.
It also asked the FGR to deploy and install statewide Public Ministries for the integration of investigation folders of the federal order. 

Again, today since the morning security is politicized in #GTO, let’s clarify things, the #GTO prosecutor was ratified by the legislative branch in the @CongresoGto. We are in a democracy and we ask for respect for the autonomy of powers and federalism. (1/5)
— Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo (@diegosinhue) June 29, 2020

This Sunday, the mother of José Antonio Yépez, aka el Marro, and four others were released because the judge in charge of the case pointed out that there were not enough elements to link her to the process.
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In addition to finding evidence of torture at the time of his capture by investigative agents of the Attorney General’s Office of Guanajuato and military personnel.
With this, the 31 people arrested on 20 June for their alleged linkage with the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel were already released.
That day, after the operation of the federal authorities, blockades were unleashed and burned in at least five municipalities of Guanajuato.
After the arrest, the Guanajuato Prosecutor’s Office presented to a judge the mother of Marro and four other persons to formally charge them with the crime of possession and sale of drugs.
Maria “N” is also identified by the Ministry of Defence as alleged financial operator of the cartel.
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