translated from Spanish: Minsal epidemiology reported 6,089 confirmed deaths and 2,846 without positive PCR

The head of the Minsal Epidemiology Department, Rafael Araos, said there are 6,089 covid-19 deaths confirmed with PCR examination. The figure will be reported this afternoon in the epidemiological report, corresponding to the annex drawn up by the Department of Health Statistics and Information (DEIS). The Annex shall also update the number of deaths without laboratory confirmation, i.e. probable or suspected cases. Last week, this number was 3,069 cases, which on Sunday dropped to 2,846. «These differences are expected and explained by destrictions that includes more sources of information than those covered by the daily report, allowing them to have more elements of judgment in order to assign the basic cause of death accurately,» Araos explained in the daily balance sheet delivered by the Government. With these figures, the total death toll per covid-19 in the country reaches 8,935. «We do have a significant number of deaths due to Covid. It’s something that is repeated in much of the world, it’s part of the impact of the pandemic and I can tell you that we’re working to get a number closer to what’s actually going on,» said the head of Epidemiology.

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