translated from Spanish: Paris for commented on Piñera’s video in wine bar: «The President has the power and the right to move»

The Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, referred this morning to the fact that President Sebastián Piñera, who was captured leaving a wine shop in Santiago.
In Dr. Paris’s view, Piñera «has the right and power to move» and assured that the Mandate’s visit to a place of liquors was in order.
«The premises to which the President of the Republic was the President is authorized according to the displacement instructions that establishes essential items,» the head of the Minsal said during the report of the pandemic.
«Anyone can go shopping at such premises as it is a food-expending and also liquor outlet and, on top of that, it’s authorized to deliver,» he added.
Enrique Paris stated that «according to article 24 of the political constitution of Chile, the President of the Republic has the responsibility of the Government and the administration of the State. The President exercises this function at all times in the territory of the Republic, so his displacement is not limited to a constitutional state of emergency such as the one we are living through.»
«The President has the right and the power to move. So that has not led to any rules contravening,» he closed.

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