translated from Spanish: They deprive octogenarian of life inside their home in Los Reyes, Michoacán

Los Reyes, Michoacán.- Inside her home in the Obrera colony of this city of Los Reyes, on Sunday afternoon, a woman was found lifeless, who had serious injuries of gunshots and multiple blows. The crime that is already investigated by the staff of the Attorney General’s Office (FGE).
As told by relatives of the victim to the authorities, it was known that the now extinct one was answering in life the name of Esther E., 86, who had his domicile in the Andador Alejandro Peña of the aforementioned settlement.
Similarly, the relatives indicated that after noon, after they saw the lady at all, they went to look for her, finding open the access door and when they entered they found her lying in the room of the abode, in a pool of blood.

Thus they immediately tried to help him, but realized that he had puncture wounds on various parts of the body, in addition to having his face disfigured, as he was apparently severely beaten by his murderers.
The victim’s family gave part to the authorities, attending the site, by attending the site elements of the Municipal Police, Civil Protection, who, by inspecting the place and realizing that the woman was dead, requested the presence of the FGE investigating staff, who initiated the first search of the case, to know the real causes of the crime and find the whereabouts of the killers.
The body was sent to the Medical Forensic Service for rigor necropsy, and then handing over the body to its deudos.

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