translated from Spanish: Tucumán: the sister spoke of the man who died when being arrested by police

The sister of Walter Ceferino Nadal, the man who died while being arrested by police in Tucumán in the wake of an alleged robbery, spoke about the case and institutional violence in the province.” We want all this to be clarified, whether he has stolen or not, we do not justify the way. If someone is committing an illegal act, they must be stopped, handcuffed and imprisoned, but the way they treated him has no justification,” Norma said, in dialogue with TN. 

For that reason, he explained that the family is denouncing “police action, based on the viral video where it is clearly seen as the police oppresses him, beats him, and a policewoman kicks him at waist height.” He also recounted that his brother had been imprisoned but was released four years ago, explaining that “everything he did in his past had already fulfilled it.” He then targeted Tucuman Security Minister Claudio Maley, whom he accused of “going out to the media to bring out his record, attack the victim, and justify the perpetrators.”

Nadal also said the victim suffered from “constant harassment” by the Provincial Police, who “could not walk free because they saw him, lifted him and took away the things he had,” and that there is “evidence of all that.” He commented that on February 17, his brother’s wife “reported that he was taken in custody for nothing, had come out, arrested and taken to the first section, where he was beaten up and lost several teeth.” On the other hand, after learning that prosecutor Adriana Giannoni did not order the arrest of the six police officers identified as involved in the event, the woman asked “at least to remove them from the force until this is clarified”: “I will be a plaintiff of the cause and tomorrow we will see what the lawyer says, what we want is that the truth should come to light and highlight that there was abuse in the police. Said.
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Walter Ceferino Nadal

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